Where to Stream the Best Movies of 2017

Where to Stream the Best Movies

Where to Stream the Best Movies of 2017

It’s the season for big family films and Oscar hopefuls — that time of year when studios big and small try to cram all of their awards contenders into the period between Thanskgiving and Christmas. But as the film critics for The New York Times remind us, there were also plenty of great movies that opened in the year’s other 11 months. If you happened to miss any, their lists of the best movies of the year should help.

Not all of those films, however, are available to watch at home. (Some have yet to open in theaters!) But if you’re looking to get caught up, here’s where to stream some of A.O. Scott’s and Manohla Dargis’s best movies of the year: Where to Stream the Best Movies below . . .

Get Out
Where to watch: HBOAmazoniTunes

Where to watch: Netflix

A Quiet Passion
Where to watchAmazon PrimeiTunes

I Am Not Your Negro
Where to watch: Amazon PrimeiTunes

‘Wonder Woman’
Where to watch: 

War for the Planet of the Apes
Where to watch: 

Where to watchNetflix

The kid-goes-to-college movie has emerged as a minor American genre. Here, a provincial doctor wants his daughter to attend university in England, and is willing to compromise his ideals to ensure that she can. A family drama and an ethical thriller, Cristian Mungiu’s film is an indictment of the everyday corruption that festers not only in Romania, but everywhere selfishness has become the supreme social value. — A.S.