The Kardashians Sign $150 Million Deal to Extend KUWTK Contract

The Kardashians Sign $150 Million Deal

The Kardashians Sign $150 Million Deal to Extend KUWTK Contract

The Kardashians have signed a $150 million deal that extends their contract for Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

US Magazine reports that the family, led by their influential mother Kris Jenner, inked the massive joint deal, which is the most lucrative in the industry, to extend their E! series and also have them appear in additional specials and promotions.

This new deal which extends KUWTK for an additional five seasons with $30 million per season is a huge leap for the family whose 2015 contract raked in $100 million.

So, what story will they be telling this time?

Kylie and Travis Scott are expecting their first child together, and on the other side, Khloe and Tristan Thompson are also pregnant. And don’t forget Kanye and Kim’s surrogate mum who will be bringing in the couple’s third child. They have plenty of topics to covers, even though only Kim has confirmed her own baby so far. The other sisters are holding out as much as possible, and we are guessing the big reveal will be done on their family show.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians premiered in October 2007, and ever since has become the longest running reality TV show in history. The series gained massive recognition following Kim’s sex scandal, but the family already grew beyond that point and have installed themselves as one of America’s most talked-about families.

The show also give birth to spinoffs like, Kourtney and Kim Take New York, Khloé and Lamar, Rob & Chyna and Life of Kylie.

Rob & Chyna was recently terminated following Chyna’s fall-out with Rob; their relationship failed, he posted her nude photos to get back at her, and she slammed him with a lawsuit. Chyna also slammed the entire Kardashian clan with a lawsuit for terminating her show.

We are guessing this will also constitute what the family will be talking about in the next seasons.