50 Cent Throws Party to Celebrate “Cutting Off” His Son

50 Cent

50 Cent Throws Party to Celebrate “Cutting Off” His Son

50 Cent was not joking when he said he wants nothing more to do with his ex Shaniqua Thompson and his first son Marquise Jackson.

Positing on his Instagram today, the rap guru revealed the last date of his child welfare payment, adding that he will be throwing a party to celebrate cutting off his son and Thompson from his life.

50 Cent’s relationship with Marquise went down the drain following his overstretched feud with the boy’s mother, Shaniqua — a fight that started when the mum accused him of being the mastermind behind the burning of her house–a sad incident that almost cost her life and that of her child.

For many years they fought, and Marquise was thrown at the centre of the bitter feud. For taking sides with his mother, he earned disdain from his father, because often, the rapper mocked and dragged the boy on his Instagram.

Last month, he announced that he has no more relationship with the 19-year-old, that he remains a father to his two younger children. Now, he is throwing a party to celebrate the end of the support he was legally expected to pay for Marquise.

See his post, plus the clapback at a follower for calling him out: