Mob Attacks Igbo Traders in Yenagoa Over Suspected Ritual Killing

Yenagoa mob attacks
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Mob Attacks Igbo Traders in Yenagoa Over Suspected Ritual Killing
By Iquo DianaAbasi – May 8, 2017

Violence erupted today in Bayelsa as a mob attacked people believed to be of the Igbo ethnic group in Yenagoa following the suspected ritual killing of a young lady.

 According to a Facebook user, Julius Bokoru, traders believed to be Igbo came under heavy attack in parts of Yenagoa following the rumour that an Igbo guy allegedly mutilated his girlfriend in what many people believe to be rituals.

 Bokoru informed Olisa blogazine that a young man had taken the deceased, his ‘girlfriend’, to a hotel on Saturday, May 6, 2013, where he subsequently drugged her.

The victim has simply been identified as Faith, 20-year-old Ijaw girl.

 The unnamed suspect is alleged to have cut off Faith’s breast while she lay unconscious, but things however went awry when the drug wore off and Faith regained consciousness as her man-friend allegedly attempted to cut open her chest; and remove her ‘heart’.

 Her screams caught people’s attention, and she was subsequently rushed to the hospital while her attacker fled the scene.

Unable to pay the initial deposit fee of One Hundred Thousand naira (N100, 000), Faith was later moved to Gloryland hospital where she passed on Sunday.

 The death of the young woman caused chaos to erupt in Biogbolo community, as youths searched for her assailant, and the search morphed into attacks on people and traders presumed to be Igbo on Monday.

 As at time of filing this report, heavy police presence was noted, as the law enforcement agents tried to restore some calm and order in the neighbourhood.