Man Jailed For Trying To Shoot Donald Trump “Released”

Man Jailed For Trying To Shoot Donald Trump “Released” 

A British man who was jailed for trying to take a policeman’s gun to
shoot Donald Trump at a political rally has revealed how voices in his
head were telling him to kill the future president.

Michael Sandford was sentenced to a year in prison over the ‘assassination attempt’ at an event in Las Vegas in June 2016.

The 21-year-old came as close as 20ft to Mr Trump before being tackled by officers when he went for the gun.

He has since been released from jail and has returned to his family home in Dorking, Surrey.

Speaking to The Sun,
Mr Sandford said voices in his head were getting ‘stronger and
stronger’ and were ‘screaming’ at him to kill the Republican politician.

He said:

 ‘My friends had said Trump needed to be stopped. They said he was going
to destroy the country — but it was the voices in my head which were
telling me to kill him.’
He added: ‘I was also seeing animals trying
to attack me, I was seeing all sorts of things. Deep down I knew there
was something wrong but I tried to convince myself it was OK.’