Woman Almost Dies After Husband Forces Rolling Pin Inside Her (Graphic)

 A woman was left close to death after her “drunk” husband allegedly
forced a 40cm rolling pin inside her causing massive internal injuries.

The 38-year-old woman was admitted to hospital in India on Christmas Day
after complaining of severe abdominal pains and swelling.
Eventually a team of five doctors operated and were left horrified to find a rolling pin inside her intestines.

The woman claimed her husband often tortured her because she was
infertile. He is now on the run after police launched an investigation.

Dr Kedar Singh Shahi, a general surgeon at the hospital said:

“We were very shocked. We did not expect anything like this. We could
only see a shadow in the X-ray as wooden materials cannot be identified.

 Amita Lokhani, vice-chairperson of NCW, said:

 “The matter came to me a day after the operation. The woman was in a
terrible condition when I first visited her. She was not only in pain
but terrified to speak to anyone.
“I tried asking her what had happened but she did not say a word and kept crying. Her husband was present at the time. 

“I continued visiting her for three days and eventually she opened up on the third day while her husband was away. 

told me she was infertile and her husband often tortured her. On
December 22 her husband came home drunk and tortured her again. In an
act of brutality, he inserted the rolling pin into her body through anal
region and threatened to kill her if she told anyone about it. 

kept her locked in the house for two days until her condition worsened.
He brought her to the hospital on December 25 however he went missing
after we started investigating the matter.”

Dr Shahi added:

‘She came to us in a very poor state affected badly with septicemia. Her
life was in grave danger but she is currently doing well and we’re
positive she will make a recovery. She’s been a very brave lady.”

UK Mirror