Water Ministry Budgets N4bn For Research, Reform

The Federal Ministry of Water Resources has budgeted N4 billion for research and development as well as governance institutional reform this year. Analysis of the 2017 budget of the ministry’s headquarters shows that N2.21 billion has been earmarked for “governance and institutional reforms,” while “research and development” is N1.14 billion.

The ministry is planning to spend N360 million on “monitoring and evaluation.”

These monies were captured under “acquisition of non-tangible assets” of the headquarters “other capital projects.”

Other expenditure for the year includes N33.3 million for “purchase of computers,” while N30.5 million was earmarked for “fuel and lubricants for general purposes.”

The ministry has also set aside N29 million for “welfare packages,” and N17 million for “electricity charges”.

For anniversaries and celebrations, the ministry’s headquarters is planning to spend N10.5 million.