Romantic ? “Yes I Am, Absolutely” – Actor Victor Nwaogu

Nollywood actor and On-Air Personality, Victor Nwaogu is an embodiment of talents. The graduate of  Theatre Management and Media from the University of Ibadan tells JOAN OMIONAWELE details about his growing up, career and personal life. Excerpts:
What was growing up like?
Growing up was not as terrifying as some individuals would expect it to be for me. It had its own mixed feelings. It had lots of fun, a few challenges and pains. But  basically, it was not a bad one for me.
How has life been as an OAP and an actor ?
Life as an On Air Personality has been adventurous, promising, filled with awesome experiences that had redefined and help reshape my personality. It has been cool so far, and as an actor, well, it’s been fair.
So, how has it been so far in the industry?
The industry has been accommodating. The most important thing is standing on your ground and doing what you can afford to do best, I’ve done a few short films and a documentary.
What challenges do you face as an actor/ OAP in Nigeria?
As an actor, the normal challenges of getting steady and promising roles. Though I understand the reality. Majorly, our world is dominated by average height individuals, so for most script writers, you are paying more attention to the activities that involve the average. But then there is also what is called “Tilt”. Tilt your pen towards other activities that play out in the life of other kind of people. A few script writers and the present crop of movie makers are beginning to expand beyond the regulars, thinking outside the box. We are getting there.
As an OAP, presently I would say none but then I would still raise my voice for other individuals with particular emphasis on the Physically and Specially challenged individuals who could fit into other professions but are not given the opportunity. It took a Lebanese (Amin Moussalli) with a strong dose of Nigerian blood to offer me and my colleagues a broadcasting job in his company. This is the first of its kind in Nigeria. Nigerians should reflect more on this.
Who are your mentors in the industry?
I believe every individual in the industry has one unique thing you could learn from. I try as much as possible to spot out that unique thing in you and relate with it.
What has been your most memorable experience?
The first day I had to go live on my Program.
Your most embarrassing moment?
Embarrassing? Well I grew up under a tense situation where I had to deal with my nature and the society. What is worse than that? Any embarrassing moment that comes up now will be regarded as a part of life
Would you describe yourself as a romantic person?
Romantic,  yes I am, absolutely.
Most men are of the opinion that Nigerian girls are very materialistic, what’s your take on this?
To a degree,  I would say Yes and No. Yes, on the ground that 60 per cent of them might be materialistic, while 40 per cent  will accept you for who you are. So for you,  where do you belong? (laughs)
Who is your ideal woman?
Ideal woman to me is a woman that will accept and appreciate me for who I am, a woman that can stand on her feet and make great decisions when you are not around. She also has to be spiritual no doubt.
With this, would you say love has been fair to you?
Yes and No. Yes because I have heard my share of love and no,  like most men who have also witnessed the odd side of it. It plays out often in people’s life.
Would you say your physical appearance limits the roles you are given?
As I said earlier, it does but I won’t blame it on anyone, I will urge filmmakers to look beyond the regulars and uncover something new.
What’s your educational background?
I have a Bachelors degree in Theatre Management and Media from the University of Ibadan.
What were your dreams as a child?
Well,  as a child, you envisage lots of dreams, from being a Lawyer to a Doctor or an Engineer. These were the  most common professions that were tagged as the  “best”. But as time goes on, reality will start hitting you, you experience a gradual drift away from all these,  into where you properly fit in.
What pranks did you play while growing up?
LOL. Pranks, Well I and my siblings(the guys) always put up this rather funny drama when moving together as a group. It was a common thing for kids around a different neighborhood to call me different names, and because these kids had to follow me, I will  tell my siblings to stay far from me and pretend as if they were a part of  these kids. The much closer these kids got to me, the much closer they got themselves into trouble. My siblings got closer and grabbed two or three of them and you know what that means. At some point it became fun. We could collectively agree to step out to deal with kids that broke the law of calling me names.
How did you get into the entertainment industry?
My entertainment experience started from the church. Gradually, it became a passion that required a real ground. So I had to step out attending auditions and all. So that is basically how I started.