Hairdresser’s Chihuahua ‘Steals’ Client’s £500 Diamond Earring By Swallowing It

A hairdresser’s chihuahua swallowed a client’s £500 diamond earring.

Pet Vinnie was rushed to the vets but owner Kevin Wightman was told nothing could be done to retrieve the piece of jewelry except let ‘nature take its course’.

Kevin, who runs his salon from home in Dundee, was forced to spend the next couple of days inspecting the pooch’s poo to try and recover the jewel.

Two days later Kevin spotted a sparkle while he was walking little Vinnie.

He told the Daily Record : “I took him out at 7am and he went to do the toilet as usual. I got the flashlight out on my phone and I immediately knew the earring was there because it was sparkling in his poo.”

Vinnie and the Earring

He’d taken Vinnie to Parkside Vets, Dundee, but despite making him sick to try to retrieve it, nothing was found.

Kevin, 30, said: “They couldn’t do anything else, as Vinnie is so small, so we just had to keep an eye on him.

”We’ll just have to keep a close eye on him in the future, as he’s a wee menace – he’s always looking for the next thing to steal.”

Becca Cunningham, from Parkside Vets, said: “I’ve been at Parkside for seven years and I’ve never come across diamond earrings being swallowed – Vinnie obviously has expensive tastes.”