South Korean President Says She Will Resign If The Paliament Okay’s It

South Korea’s embattled president has put her fate in the hands of the country’s parliament.

President Park Geun-hye said Tuesday she will allow the National Assembly to decide the duration of her remaining term in office, and will resign if that is what they decide.

“I will relegate the decision to the National Assembly, including the shortening of my presidential term and resignation,” she said.

“If the National Assembly sets a path for the stable transition of power, I will resign from the presidency and lessen the confusion as much as possible. I hope that the nation will find stability.”

She made the statement in a televised address to the nation, after several weeks of protests by hundreds of thousands of people calling for her resignation.

Prosecutors have said they want to speak to Park after naming her as a suspect in a corruption probe involving her closest confidante and other aides.