Nigeria Is Facing Recession Because FG Arrested ‘Annointed Man Of God’ Nnamdi Kanu – Brother

Emmanuel Kanu, a sibling to the detained leader of the Indigenous People
of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu on Sunday said the  recession in the country is
Nigeria’s nemesis for fighting Biafra.

A press statement read

, “The family members of the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra,
Nnamdi Kanu who is being detained illegally in Kuje prison, condemned
the incessant kidnapping and spilling of blood of unarmed members of the
indigenous people of Biafra in parts of Biafra land.

“The blood of Biafrans spilled in Nigeria since 1945 till date is crying
to God Almighty for revenge, that is why Nigerians are suffering today
and no remedy is in sight unless the government of Nigeria and her
security agents stop killing Biafrans and allow Biafra to become an
independent state. 

“They arrested the anointed man of God, Nnamdi Kanu who was sent to come and liberate his people of Biafra. 

“Government should release my brother, and other members of IPOB
unconditionally to avert more plagues on Nigeria”, the statement added.