How Nigerian Man Was Shot Dead In US

A Nigerian, Cyril Efobi, based in North Carolina United States, US, has reportedly been shot dead.

Efobi, who works as a taxi driver, was shot dead by an unknown gunman on November 8, ABC11 reports.

Before his death on the said day, the deceased, a graduate of Shaw University, had reportedly closed early in the evening in order to go home and watch the US presidential election.

He was said to have mocked some of his colleagues when he packed up his laptop and stepped out of the office.

A few minutes later, one of his colleagues heard gunshots outside the building.

The police was called in and Cyril’s body was found lying just by the door.

Commenting on the incident on Monday, a Raleigh defense lawyer, John Eluwa told the TV station, “We really want people to help us work with the law enforcement agents and get the person that did this crime.

“I knew Efobi for more than 30 years since we were both students at Raleigh’s Shaw University.

“He’s very sociable with people. He’s very upfront. He’s very likable. He also may not have children but a lot of young people love him,” Eluwa said about his friend. “Anybody that comes in contact with him, you know, wants to be around him.

“Nobody believes that he is gone. Except for when maybe his body has been interred maybe we begin to think so. But right now, anybody you’re talking to think or feel that he’s still around.”

Although the police is yet to make any arrest, the surveillance camera reportedly caught the alleged gunman during and after the attack.

Members of the Nigerian community say he had no wife or children and that he lived alone.

While plans are on to send his body back to Nigeria for burial, a candle light procession had recently been held for him.

Cyril, who had spent over 30 years in the US, died at 56.