Tips for Dating a Curvy Girl

Tips for Dating a Curvy Girl

Tips for Dating a Curvy Girl

For some reason, a lot of guys still treat curvy girls like they’re aliens or something and believe that they need some unique approach. But in fact, it doesn’t matter what the size of a woman’s waist is, all girls want the same thing – to feel special. A man should always keep an eye out for any fears, doubts, or concerns, plaguing his partner’s mind and help her get over them. Here are five ways you can do that.

Focus on what made you fall for her

Curvy ladies are gorgeous. They are attractive in everything they do, from taking care of themselves to the way they carry themselves. Just like everyone else, your plus-sized girlfriend may be struggling with the lack of confidence and be a bit sensitive to some jokes and teasing.

Despite being body positive, your girlfriend may still take some of your comments (even totally neutral ones) about her size in the wrong way. So instead, just concentrate on the traits that attract you most and don’t forget to compliment on them from time to time. You can’t even imagine how important it is to remind her that she’s the one you’ve been looking for.

Take her interests into account and plan your dates accordingly

All relationships are based on good old communication. How can know about her preferences if you don’t even try to figure this out? The worst mistake you can make is to assume that your companion is not into active leisure because of her size. Why don’t you ask her if she likes cycling and rollercoasters? Don’t let your misconceptions keep you from enjoying what you both like. After all, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a smile on her face.

Go ahead and ask her what activities she prefers, see which of them you like too, and have fun. It would also be nice if you tell her about your favorite activities. You became a couple because you share a lot of interests, so be honest and always be open to something new. Turn your relationship into an adventure. Maybe you’ll discover a couple of new dating ideas that will become your thing.

Feel free to discuss your intimate relationship

Sex is one of those things that can make any girl a bit ashamed of her body. All women dream to be perfect in their loved ones’ eyes. So if your girlfriend doubts her sexual attractiveness, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. Her concerns are not your fault, but you can make them go away just by reminding her how sexy she is.

Make sure she knows that she’s beautiful and tell that you’re in love with her body. No need in teasing her for being ashamed to wear transparent underwear. Find out what turns her on. Some girls enjoy long, sensual foreplays, some love passionate kisses, while others like it quick and active. Don’t be afraid of asking intimate questions. Be open with her, so that she knows she can share some of her secrets.

How to deal with conflicts

Don’t think that most of your quarrels will have something to do with her size or hidden complexes. The way both partners cope with fights usually depends on the experience they gained during their previous and current relationships. So if you handled conflicts before, you’ll have no problem getting over them in the future. If you don’t have much experience, just remember that you should treat your girlfriend the way you’d want to be treated.

First of all, you need to carefully listen to her and always respond to everything she says. Don’t try to ‘cure’ your partner’s insecurities but let her know that you care about her. Discuss the problem and work as a team to develop a solution.

Stay confident

All girls, from slim Russian brides from dating sites to plus-sized models love guys, who know for sure what they want. Just hug her and make her feel that you can cope with any problem she may face.

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  1. Courtney, I appreciate the transparency. Diversity, well the lack of it, had been an issue for decades and now people are really putting pressure on brands to get with it. Some are being stubborn and not budging or dragging their feet. I think when it comes to content creators of color, people want to restrict us and put us in a box. Well, you fit into too many boxes. You”re youthful and bubbly but highly educated and business savvy and for most those two don”t pair well. You love color and are curvy, but not the acceptable non-black girl curvy we see celebrated and the your hair stands out (in a good way), but not many have educated themselves on what diversity looks like and everyone”s “normal is not the same. Keep pushing !

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