Didier Drogba To Collaborate With Wizkid (Photos)

Soccer Star, Didier Drogba To Collaborate With Wizkid

London based, Ivorian Afrobeats act, Afro B, included Wizkid on the remix of his tune Joanna. This remix is titled Drogba. It was named after Ivorian soccer legend, Didier Drogba who is presently set to show up in the video.

The soccer star imparts an association with the tune – the melody is named after him and it is trusted that his
splendid shows on the soccer field motivated the tune. The tune itself is about a difficult to-get woman whose
slick dismissals of the artists’ advances is allegorically contrasted with Didier Drogba’s adroit shows on the
soccer field, especially in the line, “how you going to do me like Drogba o, Drogba o Ooooo.”

The entire discuss Didier Drogba showing up in the tune’s video begun on Twitter after a fan recommended
that having the soccer star and Wizkid in the video would do equity to the tune. He expressed, “truly, in the
event that you could get Drogba and Wizkid in a video that would be an incredible wrap up.”

Because of the tweet, Didier Drogba reported his enthusiasm for showing up in the video. He tweeted at the
two artistes – Afro B and Wizkid, looking for their musings on his proposition and strikingly, Wizkid
apparently acknowledged the proposition with a reaction that read, “Truly, yes!!”

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