Father Throws Baby Off Roof During Stand-off With Police (Photos)

Father Throws Baby Off Roof

Father Throws Baby Off Roof During Stand-off With Police

A South African man has been pictured throwing his baby daughter off a roof in protest at his shack being demolished in SA.

The dad, 38, was seen dangling his terrified and screaming one-year-old daughter by her ankle perilously over the side of the shack.

A police negotiator attempted to stop the dad from throwing the child off the roof but he continued his threats, with township protesters below encouraged him with chants of: ‘Throw, throw, throw’.

Fortunately, the brave officer on the roof had warned colleagues down below that the youngster could drop at any second. So police were ready below to catch the girl when the angered father carried out his threat, swinging the girl by her leg over the edge.

The 38-year-old man on the roof was subsequently arrested and officially charged by police with attempted murder. He was protesting against an order to demolish 90 shacks built illegally at the Joe Slovo township in Kwadwesi, near Port Elizabeth on South Africa’s eastern cape coast.