Stunning Teen Girl Cayley Mandadi Killed By Rough Sex With Her Boyfriend (Pics)

A beautiful teenage girl died after having rough sex with her boyfriend, hospital and police records reveal.

Cayley Mandadi, 19 years old, was brought to the hospital by her boyfriend Mark Howerton, 22. The teen was nude from her waist down, with bruises on her neck and thigh area, and was bleeding from between her legs.

Mr. Howerton explained to investigators that he was having “rough sex” with his girlfriend in his car, when things got a bit too kinky, and he accidentally killed the gorgeous teenager.

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The couple had partied over the weekend by drinking alcohol and taking MDMA at a music festival in San Antonio. The two got into an argument after they saw one of the Cayley Mandadi’s former boyfriends at the festival, and they went to Mr. Howerton’s car to discuss it further.

After arguing in the car, the girl eventually agreed to drive to Houston with Mr. Howerton. She told him he was her soul mate and she was going to drop out of college to be with him.

On their way to Houston, they stopped at a gas station, where Mr. Howerton had “make-up sex” with the teenager in his car. The sex was “rough” and involved Mr. Howerton pulling the hair of the young girl, choking and scratching her, police documents state.

Cayley Mandadi enjoyed the frisky sex, Mr. Howerton told authorities. But after the sexual encounter, the pretty 19-year-old girl complained of not feeling well and did not put her pants back on, falling asleep in the passenger seat with her genitals exposed.

A few hours later, Mr. Howerton noticed the teen was no longer breathing, and he quickly drove her to a nearby hospital. But the girl had no brain activity, and she was pronounced brain dead the following day.

Cayley Mandadi was killed by having rough sex, Mr. Howerton says. The beautiful teen was “covered from head to toe with red marks, bruises and scratches,” documents reveal.

The 19-year-old had numerous injuries to her face and mouth. Both of her eyes were swollen and bruised, and there were dark red fingermarks and scratches covering the teenage girl’s breasts.

Cayley Mandadi’s vagina was severely injured, according to the police report. Her genitals were swollen, with scratches and abrasions surrounding the vaginal opening, and the teenager was bleeding from her vagina.

The girl was found at the hospital not wearing any pants or underwear. A search of Mr. Howerton’s car uncovered the dead teen’s leggings and panties.

Police think that Mr. Howerton assaulted his teenage girlfriend, and have charged him with murder.

Mr. Howerton turned himself in to police on Wednesday. His attorney says he is eager and ready to be vindicated in court. “He’s innocent of the charges, and he’s doing the right thing,” said the young man’s attorney. “It’s a tragedy for Mark as much as it is for anyone else.”

The victim was a 19-year-old cheerleader at Trinity University and a member of the Chi Beta Epsilon sorority.

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