Stripper And Her Boyfriend Kill Strip Club Manager

Stripper and her boyfriend kill strip club manager and guard because she was told she couldn’t dance

A 23-year-old stripper and her 24-year-old boyfriend have been arrested following the death of a strip club manager and security guard in a Dallas stip club.
Alexis Burgess, 23, a stripper at the gentlemen’s club, was told that she was not allowed to work on the night of Thursday, March 8. This angered her and she went home and brought her boyfriend, 24-year-old Treveon Wilson, to fight the club owners.

When she returned to the club with her boyfriend, an argument ensued and Wilson brought out a gun and began firing shots into the club. A gun fight broke out and two employees sustained fatal gunshot wounds. They are club manager Julian Marin, 32, and club security guard Cesar Estrada-Rangel, 40.