I Was Wizkid And Skales Vocal Coach — Masterkraft

The success story of Masterkraft will be incomplete if the name of Banky W is omitted has the producer has revealed that he made him who he is today.

Masterkraft was known to be the worst dressed individual at Banky W’s wedding but they fail to know the behind-the-scene story of Maskerkraft’s connection with the ace musician.

According to the producer, he won’t have made it this far if not for Banky W who solely took up the responsibility to announce him to the world, and now he is the most sought after producer in Nigeria.

Speaking in an interview with the punch, the producer has revealed that his first opportunity was given to him by Banky W and he fulfilled his promise of making him the biggest producer in Nigeria.

In his words; “The turning point in my life came after I produced a song and they wanted to feature a rapper on it. They called MI and after he listened to it, he asked for the producer. He did not even believe that the song was produced in Nigeria. He later asked after me and when we met, he asked once more if I produced the song or copied it.

At that point, I had to open my computer and show him my files. Instantly, he called Banky W who called me immediately but I did not have his number, so I did not pick the call because they were recording and I did not want to disrupt the session. A text message later came in stating that it was Banky W. It was an exciting moment for me and I remember that I ran out of the studio to the gate like four times just to get myself together and I called the number back.

To my surprise, it was Banky W and he was asking for the address of my studio with the promise of showing up the next day. True to his word, he came the next day, we sat down and he gave me an idea of the kind of song he wanted to release. In less than 30 minutes, I had produced the song. Banky was so much in awe that he told me that he had been in the state for years and had never had that type of result or sound. He said that for what I had done, he would make sure my name was everywhere and I got the first and second slot on his album.

That was how I made it to his album. The next thing was that I saw myself in the newspapers and it was Banky W that made it happen. That was a major turning point in my life. Shortly after I worked for his record label, EME, and I was the vocal coach for Wizkid and Skales at the time.”

Masterkraft has also advised Nigerian musicians and other artistes to steer clear of drugs, saying it could negatively impact their creativity.