“They Raped Us Until Our Wombs Fell Out”, Libya Returnee Recounts Ordeal

Libya Returnee

“They Raped Us Until Our Wombs Fell Out”, Libya Returnee Recounts Ordeal

A young Nigerian woman has given a chilling detail of her firsthand experience in Libya, and this has broken the heart of many people.

According to the young woman, she was sold into slavery by an unidentified trafficker who lives in Benin. This trafficker had promised to take her to Italy after money had exchanged hands, but ended up selling her to slave runners in Libya.

All my hope be say na Italy the woman dey carry me go. I no know say na Libya she wan go sell im mama and papa. And the woman dey here o, na Benin woman. I no fit lie,” she said in the video.

Continuing, she added, “As we go Libya, e come sell me. Out of five girls we e carry go, e sell all of them. Nobody remain; boys and girls na im sell. Out of 20 boys, dem sell the 20 boys. Out of Benin 5 girls, dem sell of dem. Dem come carry us go connection(brothel) house. If you no do connection house, dem go beat you, dat person go just die.”

She went on, telling more about the activities in the brothels they were taken to, saying, “Dem go carry stick put am for your private part if you no work dat day. Even though say na virgin dem carry go, dem go still do am. You go know say person womb go dey fall down. 3 times, womb dey fall down from belle, dem go come dey use hand dey shook am because of money.

If you no still gree do am, na wahala. No be small thing. For Libya, dem beat us, useless us for there. Dem have sex with us. Girls dey get belle for nothing.”

This comes days after some returnees corroborated same claims, telling how fellow Nigerians collude with the Libyans to run the slave camps.

In November alone, some 1,295 Nigerians were evacuated from the camps, and this December, another 389 Nigerians returned home. And they all have sad stories to tell.

Watch the young Edo girl recount her experience: