#OLIC : Nigerians React as Olamide’s Lagos Concert Comes to an End

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#OLIC : Nigerians React as Olamide’s Lagos Concert Comes to an End

Even before the concert began, #OLIC was already the top trending topic on Twitter as many Nigerians called out Olamide for allegedly inviting a police officer, famously known as Yomi SARS, as one of the performers at the event.

Yomi SARS had offended many people when he granted this interview , rebuking Nigerian youths for calling for the end of the SARS.

And so, when news surfaced that he would be performing at Olamide’s concert, folks accused Olamide of pissing on the efforts to end police brutality. Others encouraged their colleagues to stay away from the venue in solidarity with the #EndSARS campaign.

OLIC or not, I am personally not attending any show where a SARS officer is performing. Can’t be supporting the same people abusing our youths,” Twitter user, Favour Onyeoziri, echoed the thoughts of many Nigerians who have been steadfast in the #EndSARS campaign.

However, the concert seemingly ended on a good note, as some of those who attended confirmed that Yomi did not perform at the event.

Others also alleged that the concert was peaceful, that the Lagos State Government provided appropriate security at the venue:

However, it was suspicious that save for the video shared by Gidi Traffic, no other concertgoer could get a photo/video from the event centre. In response to this observation, this Twitter user revealed the sudden disconnect from the virtual world immediately concertgoers entered the event centre.

Was this sudden jam in network a mere coincidence? We guess we will never know.