George Clooney Gives 14 of His Best Friends $1Million Each and Pays Their Taxes

George Clooney

George Clooney Gives 14 of His Best Friends $1Million Each and Pays Their Taxes

In a recent episode of MSNBC’s Headliners, the actor’s best friend, Rande Gerber, revealed that back in 2013, Clooney paid all of his 14 friend’s taxes and also gave them $1 million each.

Yes, you read that right: one million dollars each!

Rande, who is married to Cundy Crawford and part-owns Clooney’s Casamigos Tequila company, said the actor invited them to his house on September 27, 2013 for dinner, and when they arrived, it turned out that he only called them to give them money.

“There’s a group of guys that we call ‘The Boys.’ George had called me and ‘The Boys’ and said, ‘Hey, mark September 27, 2013 on your calendar. Everyone’s going to come to my house for dinner,” Rande said.

And when they got to the actor’s house, they found black suitcases at each of their spots around the table. He quoted what Clooney said that day:

“George begins to say, ‘Listen, I want you guys to know how much you’ve meant to me and how much you mean to me in my life. I came to L.A., I slept on your couch. I’m so fortunate in my life to have all of you and I couldn’t be where I am today without all of you. So it was really important to me that while we’re still all here together, that I give back. So I want you all to open your suitcases.’”

Rande continued with his story, saying:

“Every one of us—14 of us—got a million dollars. Every single one of us. We’re in shock. Like, what is this? He goes, ‘I know we’ve all been through some hard times, some of you are still going through it. You don’t have to worry about your kids, you don’t have to worry about, you know, school, you don’t have to worry about paying your mortgage.’

One was working at a bar in Texas at the airport, trying just to support his family. Rides a bicycle to work every day. I mean these are guys that took care of George and now he’s giving it all back. And George said, ‘Not only that, I have paid everyone’s taxes so this million dollars is yours.’

“I pull him aside and said, ‘I absolutely am not taking this million dollars,’. Immediately George goes, ‘I’m just going to make one announcement. If Rande doesn’t take the million dollars, nobody gets it.’

This is who George is. That was September 27th, 2013. Now September 27th, 2014, he marries Amal. Now that’s good karma right there.”

Rande Gerber said he donated his hefty sum to charity because he is already very rich. However, that act by his best friend stays with him forever. And this is why we say George Clooney is the kind of friend everyone deserves; the friend who never forgets their history.