Why Bankers, Students, Other Ladies Opt For Braided Wigs

Why Bankers, Students, Other Ladies Opt For Braided Wigs

Some hair stylists in the FCT, on Thursday said they are making more sales on braided wigs as Christmas approaches.

Some of those who spoke to NAN in Abuja said some women now preferred weaved wigs because they are cheaper, easy to style, maintain and less time consuming.

Mrs Julie Adams, a hair stylist at Garki market said she gets no fewer than three orders from customers for braided wigs weekly.

Adams said it usually takes her a day or three days to braid a wig, depending on the size.

“It does not take me long to finish braiding the hair, especially if I have some assistance.”

Funmilayo Hussaini, another stylist said that working class women, especially bankers and university students patronise her.

“Most of my customers are working class women and university students who prefer to buy braided wigs, rather than spend a lot of time to plait their hair.”

“I normally take the wigs to banks and higher institutions to sell and as well as advertise them on the social media platform.

“I also get a lot of patronage from people, who see my advert on Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram.”

Similarly, Peace Sunday, said she charges between N8, 000 to N20, 000 for each wig depending on the size.

“I charge between N8, 000 and above for each, depending on the size and type, whether twist or normal braid.”

Also, Kate Olomu, a worker said that she preferred artificial braided wigs because “it is stress free”.

“Since these artificial wigs started trending, I have bought several types in different colours to give me different looks.

“It saves me a lot of time and pains that I would have experienced braiding my hair.”

Similarly, Mrs Grace Micheal, a mother of three said the braided wigs were easier to maintain and styled, as well as cheaper to make at the long run especially during festive season.

“When you calculate the time and money you will spend braiding hair, you will realise that it is cheaper to buy wigs, which can be used anytime and anywhere.”

Also, Precious Timothy, an undergraduate said that she preferred the braided wigs because it gives her a new look, different from her usual natural low cut.

“The wig gives me a different look from the low cut that I am carrying because I am trying to groom my hair to natural so that I can loc it in the future.”