How Police Allegedly Abandoned UNILAG Student After She Saved 3 Accident Victims (Photo)

How Police Allegedly Abandoned UNILAG Student After She Saved 3 Accident Victims (Photos, Video)

How Police Allegedly Abandoned UNILAG Student After She Saved 3 Accident Victims (Photo)

– A medical student of University of Lagos has proved to be heroic with the steps she took after witnessing an accident – The young lady recounted how she helped the accident victims get to the hospital – She also revealed how she was allegedly abandoned by the police upon getting to the hospital Jemima Osunde, a beautiful medical student of the University of Lagos who also doubles as an actress has proved how heroic she is with the steps she took upon witnessing an accident on Eko bridge.

The young lady took to her Twitter page to narrate how the police allegedly abandoned her in the hospital with the three accident victims she saved.

According to her, the car in front of hers somersaulted to the other side of the bridge and rammed into two cars in motion.

One of the victims made it out of the car by himself while the other two were trapped in their cars.

They were helped out of the cars by some men with two of them sustaining serious injuries on the head. The medical student said one of the victims had his head split and was bleeding profusely.

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The rapid response number she dialed did not help the situation as she did not get the immediate help she wanted from them.

This made her get the police to carry two of the victims in their car while she took one in hers. She led them to the accident and emergency unit of LUTH, her school. The young lady also explained how she got the driver’s license and other means of identification to be able to get in touch with the family members of the victim.

She got basic information like their genotype and blood group too.

Amidst all these, the young lady expressed her grief upon getting to know the police abandoned her at the hospital with the victims.

She also expressed her disgust at the attitude of Nigerians who merely looked on and did nothing to save the victims. According to her, many of them brought out their phones to make videos while some stole the personal belongings of the victims.

Despite all these, the beautiful lady is glad she was able to save the victims. The men are presently in the hospital and are responding to treatment.

She was disappointed that the police officers left her with the victims; she wondered what could have happened if the men died.

She also noted that the police officers complained about their car being stained with blood.

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How police allegedly abandoned UNILAG student after she saved 3 accident victims (photos, video)