Photo: Car Robbers Escape Lynching In Abuja

Two suspected car robbers have been mobbed along the Solomon Law Way in the Utako area of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

correspondent learnt that the suspects, whose names had yet to be
ascertained, were beaten with iron rods and stones, after they were
caught trying to steal a car.
The incident happened on Tuesday.

Eyewitnesses said the suspects, who came in a Volkswagen Golf taxi,
attempted to steal a stationary car and when the plan failed, they tried
to escape in their operational car. The mob, however, blocked their

A witness, identified only as Ibrahim, said, “The robbers knew they
would be mobbed if caught and attempted to speed off in their car.

However, in their desperation, they ended up crashing into a protective
concrete slab. They thereafter abandoned the car and took to their
heels, but the crowd caught up with them near a vulcaniser’s shed.

“They bled profusely from the beating and stoning they were subjected
to. Some of the hoodlums brought tyres and wanted to set them ablaze,
but for the intervention of other bystanders.”

Punch correspondent learnt that policemen from the Utako division later arrived at the scene and took the suspects away.

The FCT Police spokesperson, Usen Perry, confirmed the arrest, saying nobody had yet to show up as a complainant.

He said, “The suspects are in custody. They were taken for treatment and
are now back in custody. Till now, nobody has showed up at the station
as a complainant. But the suspects are still with us. They were badly