Meet Flexible 98-year-old Woman Who Still Practices “Difficult” Yoga (Photos)

Meet Flexible 98-year-old Woman Who Still Practices “Difficult” Yoga (Photos) 
A 98-year-old grandma simply identified as, V Nanammal, has shocked the world after she executed different yoga poses without breaking a sweat.

Nanammal learned the ancient art of yoga from her father when she was just 8 years old. It was gathered that her father who was a martial artist had taught her the basics of the yoga art.

She continued to learn the practice under the guidance of her grandfather.

Oldest yoga instructor gathered that Nanammal who is recognized as the oldest yoga instructor in India, started teaching the art after she got married. She expressed that she has been in good health because she never stopped practicing yoga.

The yoga instructor claims she has not taken medicine or been to the hospital in the last nine decades of her life.

She said: “I never stopped practicing yoga at any point in my life. That’s the secret of my health.” Nanammal executed difficult yoga poses including the peacock, the raised lotus, the bridge, the headstand, and the halasana.

Oldest yoga instructor

According to her, she holds classes for at least 100 students every day at her house in Coimbatore.

Nanammal said. “I do yoga before I go to bed and I do yoga with my students when I get up in the morning. As far as my body is concerned, it keeps me flexible. I will stiffen up terribly if I didn’t do it.”