ISIS Terrorist Blown To Bits While Trying To Booby-Trap A Car

Abu Yusuf al-Halab, an ISIS explosives expert was blown to bits along
with three accomplices while trying to booby-trap a car in Iraq. The man
known as ‘al-mohandis’, Arabic for engineer, was busy with his small
team rigging up the incendiary contraption in his workshop when it
exploded killing all four of them. A source said:

‘Abu Yusuf al-Halabi, a prominent expert of vehicles booby-trapping in Tal Afar, was killed along with three of his aides. 

‘This was due to an explosion of a car while booby-trapping it inside a
Meanwhile, fighting continues to retake Mosul, Iraq’s second city and
ISIS’ last major urban stronghold in Iraq with the Iraqi army making
gradual but steady gains.