CAN Advises Buhari To Seek Further Treatment and More

CAN Advises Buhari To Seek Further Treatment and More

The Christian Association of Nigeria, (CAN), has expressed concern over
the state of President Muhammadu Buhari’s health. It advised Buhari to
seek further treatment if that would restore his sound health and help
pailot the affairs of the country. CAN President who is also the
President of the Nigerian Baptist Convention, Rev Samson Ayokunle also
called on the Federal Government to rise up to the challenges in the
country that are bringing untold hardship to the populace with a view to
putting them into a permanent end.

The call was made through a communique issued at the just concluded
104th annual session of the denomination held last week in Abuja and was
presided over by Ayokunle.

The communique issued and signed by the Special Assistant (Media &
Communications) to the CAN President, Adebayo Oladeji, focused on the
health status of President Muhammadu Buhari; security challenges,
anti-corruption war; unemployment, unpaid wages and salaries with
attendant problems, the menace of the university admission, including
delayed budget 2017 and proffered a far-reaching solutions to them.

The communique reads in part below. It’s a long read though. But you
already read the summary above. All bodies just want the President to
speak. May God grant him perfect health.

“We thank the Almighty God for the life of our President Muhammadu
Buhari who fell ill and travelled for medical attention abroad. We
observe with dismay the political undercurrent that surrounds the health
of our dear President especially the lack of openness in telling
Nigerians that he went for medical attention.‎

“However, we are very grateful and adore the name of our Lord God
Almighty who in His infinite mercy had graciously brought our President
back to his feet and restored his health. We, therefore, urge Nigerians
to continue to pray for him for more strength and mercy of God as he
resumed office. We advise the President not to hesitate in going for
further treatment if that would help in quickly restoring him back to
sound health so as to continue performing his duties to the nation.
“we encourage and advice Nigerians to have a positive disposition
towards the lives of our leaders by constantly wishing them well and
praying for them at all times.

“We commend the Federal Government for sustaining and winning the war
against various security challenges confronting our nation namely: Boko
Haram insurgency, Kidnapping, Rape, Gun-men attacks, Militancy, Ritual
killing, Fulani Herdsmen and Farmers’ clashes in various parts of the
nation and of recent the communal crisis in Ile-Ife.

“We also observe and commend the Federal Government in the efforts to
stem the tide of criminal activities and resettlement of Internally
Displaced Persons (IDP) in the North Eastern part of Nigeria due to Boko
Haram insurgency as well as the securing of the release of 21 Chibok
girls. We urge the government not to relent in getting the rest released
before their lives are totally messed up by the terrorists.

“We observe the persistent crisis in Southern Kaduna, Agatu Community in
Benue State and other places in the East, South South Western Nigeria.
We condemn in strong terms the reckless killing and destruction of
property taking place in the areas.

However, despite the steps taken so far by the government in tackling
security problems in the country there are still various security
challenges in the nation, we, therefore, urge the Government to take the
following measures: Government should be proactive in responding to
security challenges and bring the perpetrators and their sponsors to
book. We encourage the Federal Government to provide relief materials
for the affected communities in Southern Kaduna Area and other places to
cushion the effect of the crisis.

“The Fulani Herdsmen caught or implicated in criminal activities should
be made to face the full wrath of the law for their crime without
sentiment or emotional appeal. The Government should leave no stone
unturned in fighting Boko Haram insurgency and their sponsors at all
levels. We encourage the government to intensify effort to secure the
release of the remaining Chibok girls still in the custody of Boko
Haram. The government must equip and empower our Law Enforcement
Agencies to enable them to tackle the security challenges in our nation.
For instance, their welfare should be given priority to boost their
morale and confidence in the war against crime and criminal activities.

“Since the people of Southern Kaduna are farmers, we urge the government
to provide enough security in the area to enable them return to their
agricultural business and farming activities without hindrance. There
should be security cover in the villages as well. The Fulani herdsmen
blocking highways, robbing and kidnapping people for ransom from Abuja,
Kaduna to Jos should be apprehended and brought to book without further

“We observe and commend the Federal Government for her stand on
corruption and the various steps taken so far to sustain the war against
corruption. We equally observe that several amounts of money running to
trillions of naira have been recovered from people and locations in
Nigeria. We, therefore, urge the government to continue the fight
against corruption without sentiment, bias or selective disposition. We
also call on Government to put the money recovered so far into the
economy of the nation so as to positively affect and impact the lives of

“We observe the on-going social empowerment program of the Federal
Government of Nigeria and appreciate the vision. We encourage that such
program should be supported by all tiers of government in Nigeria. We
observe with dismay the delay in the passage of 2017 budget and the
attendant financial and untold hardship which this has brought to
Nigerians. This delay may not be unconnected with the friction between
the executive and legislative arms of government. We, therefore, urge
the two arms of government to see themselves as partners in progress and
end all rivalries. The National Assembly is therefore called upon to
speedily pass the budget to minimise the present financial hardship in
the country.

“We observe and commend the Federal Government’s efforts on the release
of Parish Club loan refund to the State Government. The money is to
enable the State Governments to pay their staff salaries and provide
other social amenities and infrastructures. However, we observe that
some State Governments did not use the money for the specific purposes
for which they are meant. There is information that the monies are being
diverted and or misappropriated. We urge the Federal Government to
compel the State Governments to use the money for the purposes for which
they are released.

“We observe and commend the Registrar and Chief Executive Officer of the
Joint Admission and Matriculation Board for various innovations being
introduced in JAMB.

“We, however, observe that these changes and innovations are inflicting
untold hardship on the registration of prospective candidates to our
Universities. We, therefore, urge the JAMB Registrar to expedite action
on various new innovations to ease the tension presently experienced
during registration exercise and provide more venues for registration as
well as examination centres to avoid crisis during the conduct of the
main examination.”

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