Actress Joke Silva Airs View On Celebrity Divorce

The veteran actress Joke Silva has said her opinion on why their is more divorce on the side of the celebrities. According to her, there are also this amount of divorce in other fields but because these celebrities have the people’s eye on them, it looks like they are more reckless with marriage than others.

Joke says;
“It is because the younger generation are very popular because of social media, and so, whatever happens to them becomes news; forgetting that there are as many divorces, there as many separations in other professions such as medical, financial, legal among others. Name any profession; there are so many separations in those as well,”

After defending the celebrities from pointing fingers , she turned back to caution them saying that they should give themselves their own privacy .

She understands fully that they, celebrities, have to show their true selves to the people but they should know that they are entitled to their own privacy.

She went ahead to say that they should learn how to keep sensitive matters concerning them private despite the fact that they are public figures.