Smart Farms : Learn How To Invest In Agriculture

Smart Farms

Smart Farms : Learn How To Invest In Agriculture 
PS Nutraceuticals is an advance agricultural technology firm into soilless farming like Aeroponics, Hydroponics and Aquaponics.

The systems allow for one to grow crops vertically in the air, reduce time of harvest and increase yield depending on the farm product.

The Aeroponics system for example has been used to grow over 200 crops like root & tubers, vegetables, flowers, grains and even exotic crops like strawberry.

Initially, it was used to grow only leafy crops in the 90s by NASA as it was a necessity. Then Mr. Samson Ogbole, Co-founder PS Nutraceuticals came up with a way to better improve on an already existing system to favor his course.

He pulled a group of trusted individuals together and they were able to grow yam – a root & tuber crop on the system in 2015. This tells us “innovation is practically endless”.

Our aim is to improve food security, create secured jobs for the youth, empower local farmers and also achieve a major goal which is for every person to eat right and live longer.

Invest in knowledge on Agriculture first.

What will be covered?

Greenhouse farming
The principle of growing plants in the air (Aeroponic) – theory and practical demonstration
The basics of soil farming
Value chain (especially for yam, Irish potatoes and tomatoes)
Investment in Agriculture (what you need to know)
Calculating ROI(Return on investment)
How to start Agriculture investment

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