My Wife Loves To Fight In Pant And Bra — Tricycle Rider Tells Court

My Wife Loves To Fight In Pant And Bra — Tricycle Rider Tells Court

A tricycle rider, Jelili Olanrewaju, has sued for the divorce of his wife, Rafiat Olanrewaju, at the Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State. Jelili sued for divorce on the grounds that his wife was stubborn, troublesome, quarrelsome and disrespectful to his parents and relatives. He added that she was always fighting him.

He thus prayed the court that their marriage be dissolved and the custody of the children granted him.

“The greatest mistake I have ever made in life was to marry my wife, “Jelili said.

“While we were dating, she hid her true nature from me. I thought I knew her well enough and believed she was going to be a dutiful wife. She started showing her true self the day we got married . And a week after I started regretting ever marrying her.

“We have lived in eight houses in the 11 years of our marriage as a result of my wife’s quarrelsome nature. My wife not only fights me; she also fights with our neighbours and people in the neighbourhood.

“She starts and ends the day fighting. Our neighbours wait to hear her shout and curse every morning. When they hear her voice, they know the day has broken.

”Our belongings were often thrown out by the different landlords we rented apartments from due to my wife’s unruly behaviour.

“The most shameful aspect of it is that everybody in our compound and neighbourhood has seen her nakedness, the plaintiff added.

“Whenever she wants to engage in a fight, she pulls off her clothes leaving only her pants and bra which are torn in the course of the fight thus leaving her stark naked.

“I’m a tricycle driver. I run the business in our neighbourhood. My family and I live on the little income I make from the business. Many times I have ended up spending this income to treat my passengers’. All because of my wife’s disgraceful act.