Movie: Scar To Be Premiered August 2017

Movie: Scar To Be Premiered August 2017
After the first hit movie, Volition, producer prodigy Todimu Adegoke, is set to unleash another movie titled SCAR third quarter of 2017.

Scar, to be released by Tee-Exclusive Pictures, centers on a story of a young man who despite making all possible means to get out of the notice, was hunted, saught after. He led a confused life, his life was in the middle of nowhere! The scar on him would not allow him lead a quiet life, as most cuts and wounds leaves marks which may not heal.

Life is filled with different species of human… #the_scar_movie…

Lead characters in the movie are Sanni Oluwaseun, Okunlola Olamide, Tunde Asa, Atteh Femi, Majekodunmi Oluwaseyifunmi and the hosts of others.

When asked about the driving force for this type of movie, especially nowadays when most movies are mere figment of reality, the producer Mr. Adegoke said he was motivated to help people who suffered by reason of being trapped in their thought from the past, which then hindered their speed in life to success.

“A lot of people are overwhelmed with the thought of the past which shields them from figuring out their dream and moving forward… So many people go crazy due to their inability to control the thoughts and anger. This movie peaks widely on these things and also gives the people a reason to believe in the Nigeria Film Industry”, the producer said.

Back in 2015 and at 17 years old, Adegoke released Volition which was widely accepted due to the timely relevance of its content and lesson embedded therein.

Who are those hunting the precious life of this young man, and was he able to escape or erase those scars off him, at least to be free of his predators? The answers to these questions and others will unveil August 2017 when the movie SCAR would be premiered.

Here are some behind the scene photos from the movie:

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