‘Half of Everything Steve Harvey Owns Right now Belongs to Me!’- Ex-Wife Mary Speaks

Steve Harvey’s ex-wife Mary Vaughn is back on his tails, this time she is demanding a share of his wealth because she worked hard to get him where he is today, she says.
The couple were married for 16 years before a messy divorce in 2005, followed by a bitter custody battle for their 16-year-old son, which Harvey eventually won. The case was sealed under a gag order, but Mary was arrested in December 2013, when she leaked the information relating to it to Fox News.
“Am I angry? Yes,” Vaughn told Fox Dallas-Fort Worth. “I missed six years of my son’s life and I can’t get those years back.”
That comment was frowned at by Harvey’s lawyers and they issued a statement to that effect, terming it a slanderous violation of a case that should remain sealed. Mary was arrested and sentenced to jail for 30 days.
It has been years since that drama. Now, Mary is back, demanding half of what the comedian and show host has earned since their divorce, while calling out Harvey’s current wife Marjorie for enjoying her sweat.
Here’s what she said in this new interview shared by Fameolous:
“I want justice. I don’t want to be perceived as someone cruel and evil, vindictive and bitter because that’s not who I am. I want people to know the entire story, not just bit and pieces that were bought and paid for.
“I want what I worked 16 years to have, because that’s my retirement. That’s the benefit from our company that I deserved, I earned and worked for. I didn’t jump on the back of Steve’s life when the cart started rolling. I was there, helped pushing that cart. Sometimes, when the wheels came out of the cart, I put them back. That’s what I did.
“I earned everything that was taken from me, and everything that was taken from me by Steve and Marjorie…that the two of them conspired, I want to be able to have my day that they all sat and conspired to ruin me, to ruin my reputation, to ruin me financially and pretty much leave me by the side of the road.
“I went to jail for not doing anything.
“I want back what I worked for. I want my share of what I worked for. He can do whatever he likes with his share. [Marjorie] can do what she wants – what she believes [is] her share after she got to him.
“Bottom line: everything that has been happening since 2005 belongs to me. Half of everything that they both own and do right now because he stole mine to rebuild the two of them, and that’s against the law. And I want them held accountable for it.”
You can watch the rest of the interview here: