Black Is Beautiful By Memo

Black Is Beautiful By Memo
I am proud of my colour, he who is not proud of his colour is not fit to live – Dr James Emman Aggrey

I remember those days when I was younger, primary school precisely, our English teacher will tell us to write a composition about ourselves like……my name is Tayo, I am six years old, I am dark/fair in complexion, my mum is a teacher etc. Then the two major complexion we were made to be understand back then was dark/black and fair/light complexions.

Nowadays, things have changed we now have different complexions apart from dark, fair, chocolate we now have yellowish red, reddish yellow, ‘cokish fanta’, ‘fantaish coke’, brownish red, reddish brown, purpuish red, pinkish yellow, yellowish pink etc. And I ask myself, is it a must to be fair? Does being fair gives us a direct entry to heaven? Is life itself fair? Does being fair guarantees prosperity or success? No matter how fair a man is, can his shadow be fair? Does bleaching wash away one’s sins? Does it make us look like God?

Am black and am proud of it simply because black is beautiful, black is gold. Am aware that most ladies are toning or bleaching to get attracted to guys but why do guys bleach? Is it because we want to be attractive to ladies? I think what attracts guys to ladies goes beyond complexion.

A mother bought who is a specialist in tye and dye made a beautifully designed black shirt and the boy took the shirt to another tye and dye specialist to dye the black designer shirt to white. After a few days, the shirt was dyed, now a mixed colour, neither black nor white, all the designs were gone. The boy wore the shirt one day and the mother asked him, where did u get this shirt from? He said it was the black shirt you made for me, the mother asked how come it’s like this, he said I dyed it cos I don’t like the black colour. The mother was disappointed because she used some protective herbs in making the shirt for the boy and the designs on it were to attract favour for the boy anywhere he goes but lo and behold all is gone and the shirt can only be made for one once in a lifetime so no remedy.

Ladies and Gentlemen, how do you think God our Maker will feel when he realises that we have recreated ourselves after perfectly and wonderfully making us in his own image psalm 139:14. He created you and I with lots of blessings, success and prosperity. Haven’t we washed them away when we were bleaching? Everything God created was beautiful and good Genesis 1:31 which includes YOU if you can only accept yourself the way you are with Thanksgiving 1Timothy 4:4.

Few advantages of dark skin

It is less prone to sunburns
It is less prone to skin cancer
It makes us look younger
It protects against bacteria infection
It is easier and cheaper to maintain

Why should I bleach?
When my skin is black and rich?
I don’t have to bleach to look like…… NEVER
So that I won’t have two colours like a zebra
Black is beautiful, a symbol of modesty
Black is beautiful, am a king, My Majesty.

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