Be Warned! Armed Robbers Now Uses Prostitutes As Their Agents

Be Warned! Armed Robbers Now Uses Prostitutes As Their Agents
A new revelation has shown how s*x workers are being used to draw unsuspecting men to armed robbers ready to steal from them.

It has been revealed that commercial S*x workers at the Uhuru Electoral Area of Kenya have added robbery to their trade.

According to The Chronicle, this revelation was made by Ebenezer Cudjoe, the Assembly Member for the area.

He revealed that the s*x workers, during bargaining with their affluent male clients, suggest a pub for bottles of liquor as their preparatory stimulant.

“While she leads her clients to the suggested pub, the ashawo alerts her male guards, who, then, pounce on the male sex client and rob him of any valuables,” Ebenezer Cudjoe narrated.

The commercial s*x workers, the assembly member described, line up along the streets between the Tema Joint Church and Subin Valley junction, Datus School Complex and Deks Educational School, all in Community Seven except Deks, which is in community Eight but partly facing community Seven.

Due to the physical attacks and abrupt snatching of valuables by the s*x workers and their male guards, Ebenezer Cudjoe told The Chronicle that a lot of residents feared coming out of their homes in the night.

“A few years ago, I personally reported these ungodly activities of the commercial s*x workers to the police, however, the police told me that they could not effect any arrest, unless they caught the ladies in the act,” he said.

Ebenezer Cudjoe said about three years ago, he tried to woo some of the s*x workers to start some vocational training to earn a decent living.

More of the ladies refused to quit the s*x trade, explaining that on a good day, they made about GH200, therefore, they could not stop the ‘lucrative’ work, the Assembly Member said.

About ten years ago, the trade was centered in a small radius at Community Seven, however,, it has stretched with more bevies of ladies because of the insatiable s*xual desires of men, including some married men.

Daily, the number of commercial sex workers increases in the Uhuru Electoral Area, and fearing that most innocent young girls in the area would be attracted to the work, Mr. Cudjoe said he would table a motion at the Regional Coordinating Security Council for the enforcement of the law.

“The commercial s*x trade is alarming in my electoral area, and I will do my best, and with eh help of the media, to dismiss them. They have become a security threat in my area,” Ebenezer Cudjoe indicated.