#BBNaija : TBoss Fails to Recite National Anthem (Video)

#BBNaija : TBoss Fails to Recite National Anthem (Video)

Big Brother Naija’s TBoss cannot recite the National Anthem and pledge, and this has pissed many people off.
The latest drama started last night, during the Truth and Dare game, where Debbie-Rise asked the housemate to recite the National Anthem and she failed to successfully do this. The housemate also botched the Pledge and needed the help of her colleagues to complete the task.

Tboss dey vex for Debie for asking her to sing National Anthem ?? 
Shortly after, TBoss was captured on camera, going off on Debbie-Rise, accusing the housemate of ruining her chances of winning the prize money.
Just f*cking chew on that, Debbie-Rise!” TBoss yelled at her pal who came to apologise for making her recite the anthem.
This update left many of fans disappointed, while emboldening those who already shared their dislike for the housemate. To some people, this is enough proof that TBoss doesn’t deserve to win the competition. But there are a slew of fans who are making excuses for their faves and who continue to campaign for her on social media.
Just Got Tboss 300 Votes This Night. I was betting with everyone mocking her that they cant recite it!” One ardent fan said.
Check out the reactions:

TBoss’ CGPA drops drastically due to failure to recite the Nigerian National Anthem. Headline @SaharaReporters 

This is very embarrassing. …how cn tboss nt knw d national anthem on a nigerian show??????

Can you see the pattern? TBoss is never wrong. She can’t sing the national anthem and somehow Debie Rise is to blame ? yeye

Just imagine tboss telling debby-rise that she has ruined her chances of winning as if debby came to roast fish in the house hmmm 

I hate Debbie-rise Low-self esteem I’m not Proud of TBoss Neither Today Let the Truth be out there I am truly disappointed 

I might like Tboss though am not voting 4 anyone but my girl u fucked up how can u not know how to sing ur national anthem even at 33years.

Nothing will ever stop me from voting such an amazing lady.  proudly . Voting her like my life depends on it. Love u

Just Got Tboss 300 Votes This Night. I was betting with everyone mocking her that they cant recite it! 

TBoss, our favourite can’t fully recite the national anthem. We are cool with it, speak about yours. 

Keep up the anthem talk.. We be voting like never before. You hate, we Vote! We be voting TBoss like maniacs!  Legoooo