WTF!? Man Eats Wife’s Face After She Stole His Crisps

Oh well… A man has been arrested and is being held in custody accused
of biting his wife’s face after she stole his packet of crisps.

George Beaver, 60, was arrested after he allegedly tour a chunk of his
partner’s face while they watched telly on Tuesday night.

It’s believed Beaver tore into his 58-year-old wife who had touched a bag of sour cream and onion crisps on the coffee table.

Beaver had allegedly told his wife to ‘leave those chips alone’ about his Utz-brand ruffled potato crisps.

He then sparked a man hunt after State Troopers were called to his address.

Police asked locals to contact them if anyone knew his location and he
was later arrested and taken to Schuylkill County jail by Trooper
Christopher Rooney.

Beaver was unable to pay 10% of the £8,000 bail set by Judge Christina E
Hale and will have to face charges at a preliminary later date.