World War II Veteran Comes Out As Transgender Woman At Age 90

A World War II veteran has come out as transgender at the age of 90.

The soldier formerly known as Peter is intent on becoming Patricia in her tenth decade – – and has begun taking female hormones.

Patricia revealed that the only thing that has stopped her all these years is the fear of how people would react.

She was especially worried that she would be treated with archaic ‘electric shock therapy’ for her natural urge.

Indeed, Patricia Davies – who was previously married as a man to a woman – says she has known she is a woman since the age of three.

Doctors finally changed her medical records to ‘female’ last year.

Patricia says she revealed all to her late wife about her feelings in 1987 – who also accepted it.

Then Peter’s wife even bought her jewellery and dresses to wear in secret.

But Patricia says she remained living as Peter after receiving abuse from people in the street.