When Nonentities Become Celebrities By Memo

Gone are those days when hard-work pays. Gone are those days when children are beaten, these days anything goes. Have we forgotten that if we spare the rod we spoil the child? Gone are those days that children fear their parents and elders but nowadays, they no longer fear their parents and if they don’t fear their parents that they see how will they fear God that they don’t see?

Gone are those days when dreads are for mad people when torn clothes and rags are for the insane and paupers. Nowadays even rags are expensive than normal clothes.

Gone are those days that parents will pray for their children that they won’t be a garage boy or man. Nowadays, garage men have become celebrities that politicians run to them during campaigns

Gone are those days that it’s shameful to be corrupt or to be a thief. Yahoo guys now flaunt their cars and wealth with all pleasure. Thieves and other corrupt people are now celebrated

Gone are those days when ashewo no be work. They now have association with identification cards, in fact they now conduct elections in their association.

Gone are those days when nudity was private, our ladies now pose nude, some for free, some for cash and some for fame. Imagine Amber Rose, Kim kardashan, afrocandy, maheeda, etc all celebrities of nudity.

Gone are those days when being a gay or lesbian is a taboo or sodomy, nowadays people boldly identify themselves as gay or lesbian, making them celebrities e.g Bobrisky.

Gone are those days when sex was done at home or hotel, nowadays it’s done anywhere, by the roadside, in the car, corners, parties, etc with lots of sextape on social media

Gone are those days when a good name is better than great riches and loving favour rather than silver and gold. Nowadays people can do anything for silver and gold rather than a good name.

Gone are those days when you see a sum of money and you return it to the owner. Nowadays, if u do it even your own people will castigate you first.

How I wish that the Almighty God could bring back the good old days, when hardwork pays, the days of innocence when honesty was celebrated
Bring back our sanity, O Lord

Written by Memo
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