Watch: Transexual Woman Dragged Out Of Her Home And Being Beaten To Death (Graphic)

A shocking video shows the moment a petrified trans woman begged for her
life moments before being beaten to death in a sickening homophobic

Dandara dos Santos was dragged from her home and dumped in a wheelbarrow
before being rolled to a back alley and beaten to death amid cheers and

The terrified 42-year-old is seen crying on the ground as she is kicked,
punched and hit with shoes and a plank of wood in front of residents in
Fortaleza, Ceara state, Brazil.

Horrific footage of the incident sparked outrage after being released by police last Friday to help find the alleged killers.

The video was initially circulated online by LGBT groups in a desperate
bid to raise awareness about the huge number of attacks against trans
and gender diverse people in Brazil,Daily Mirror reports.