Universal Music Publishing Reportedly Blocks Distribution Of Remy Ma’s ‘Shether’

Remy Ma may have delivered one of the hardest diss songs in a long time with ‘shETHER‘ but its run has been hampered courtesy Universal Music Publishing. If you remember, Remy recorded the song over Nas’ ‘Ether’ instrumental produced by Ron Browz and Universal happens to be the owner of it.

Report have it that the label has blocked the song from radio and even forced Remy’s distribution label to take it off from Soundcloud because Remy didn’t take prior permission before putting it up there. She apparently can’t even perform the track live anywhere. The song was taken down from Remy’s VEVO channel as well a couple of days ago.

The only surprising thing is that the song is still available on iTunes and doing well too. This is certainly a shot in Nicki’s arm. The Young Money rapper released three songs earlier today, two of them taking shots at Remy Ma.