Smiling Thai Man Caught Having Sex With A Cow Is Frogmarched Naked By Police (Photos)

A 40-year-old Thai man was frogmarched naked to a police truck after he was caught having sex with a cow in broad daylight.

Horrified villagers in Lampang province spotted the man kissing cattle before mounting one at 9.30am today.

He laughed about his bestiality upon his arrest, and said he could not help himself from feeling attracted to the cow as he watched it grazing.

Locals in Lampang province chased the man when they saw him having sex with the cow

When he was caught in the act on a strip of grass next to a busy road, locals chased the 40-year-old as he fled naked into the bathroom of a nearby farm where he barricaded himself inside.

Officers arrived 30 minutes later and handcuffed him, before hauling him naked into the back of a police truck where he laughed about his depraved act.

The man told police he ‘felt the urge’ to have sex with the cow and began fondling it before having sex with it.

He said he felt ‘strong emotions’ and could not stop himself.

The smiling man was given a pair of shorts to wear by locals before he was taken away

Police arrested him after he admitted having sex with the cow and was taken to the station in a pair of blue shorts given to him by villagers.

Farmer Tong Kai Charoonprasitporn, 65, who owns the animal, said: ‘I saw the man snogging and groping and having sex with my cow.

‘We chased him but he did not stop. We called the police and found him hiding in the bathroom of the house.’

Police, who are questioning the man, said he may have been drunk at the time and they are also assessing his mental health.

The brown cow was unhurt and carried on grazing afterwards.