Rob Kardashian Moves Back into Blac Chyna’s Home, Neighbours Reacts

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have made peace again, but this time their neighbours are not happy about it.
According to TMZ, the on-and-off couple recently decided to start living together again. However, this has upset their neighbours who reportedly filed complaints with the local police, saying that the noise level from their home has increased, that they have too many visitors that look like “thugs” and “riffraffs”, and that Rob parks his car on Chyna’s lawn because she has too many cars. There is no space left for him.
Recall that Chyna and Rob first split up last year in March, made peace and broke up again in December, after unknown persons hacked her Instagram and published messages that upset Rob and caused their breakup. In February, they called off their wedding plans after they broke up yet again, but now, they have found their way back to each other, with Rob opting to move in with the entrepreneurial model.
However, they are having issues with the neighbours who have described them as a nuisance to the gated community which is filled with “affluent people like lawyers, athletes and actors.” The homeowners think that the couple will bring the property value down.
Meanwhile, the police reportedly advised the homeowners to direct their complaints to the homeowner’s association.