PROBLEM CHILD: Schoolgirl, Five, Suspended After Primary School Claims They Can’t Control Her Wild Behaviour

Lilly Bufton has special needs and has had to be kept home since she was kicked out

 A FURIOUS mum has blasted her daughter’s primary school – after she claims teachers said they weren’t able to control the five-year-old.

 Little Lilly Bufton, from Warwickshire, has been suspended from school for six months after her mum said she hit her teacher with a stick.

She has special needs and doesn’t take to separation well.

 Mum Emily Bufton, 24, says Emscote Infant School, in Warwickshire, suspended her daughter just two weeks after she started the school last September.

 She claims she’s now worried that missing out on school and mixing with her peers will make little Lilly’s special needs even more difficult for her to deal with.

 Emily said: “My daughter is not a monster and she is the most loving kid you’ll ever meet.

“But I’m desperate for help because she does have attachment needs and she doesn’t take rejection well.

 “She lashes out and will have a full on meltdown, like she did at school.

But she’s only five years old.

“During the first week she was fine, but the second week the school insisted on keeping her in two hours a day rather than taking her full-time.

 “She likes to be in control and apparently she hurt a teacher with a stick.

“The school are now saying they can’t have her because of ‘safeguarding’, but if I’d kept Lilly off for this long I’d be in prison.”

 Emily has now criticised Emscote Infant School, saying it breaks her heart to watch her daughter put on her uniform each morning, only for her to cry when she’s told she has to stay at home.

 The mum added Lilly has even tried to ESCAPE in an effort to see her friends, forcing her to put locks on the windows. 

According to Emily, Lilly has an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan which outlines the care she needs.

 She says this was given to the school before she started in September 2016 and advised teachers how to deal with Lilly.

The mum-of-two said: “She hasn’t learnt how to express how she’s feeling yet and little things can really work her up.

 “But we built her up for weeks about going to school and told her she was going to succeed at it.

 “The school then told me they couldn’t have her in anymore because they couldn’t keep her safe.

 “I don’t know how they can treat a human being with special needs like this.”

 Emily is unable to work because of Lilly’s needs, and can only afford to send her to a childminder occasionally.

But Emily, mum to Lilly, five, and George, two, doesn’t understand how a childminder can manage Lilly but the school can’t.

 A spokesperson for Warwickshire County Council said: “Lilly has now transferred to another local school and is therefore no longer attending Emscote Primary School. 

“Therefore it would be inappropriate for the school to comment further.”