Photo: Minister Kneels Before Zambian President

Photo: Minister Kneels Before Zambian President

A picture where Michael Katambo, the Zambian minister of livestock and fisheries, is seen kneeling for President Edgar Lungu, has gone viral.

The settings of the place looks like that of an office. While Lungu sat comfortably on the only chair in the office, Katambo with fear all over him, clenched both hands as he knelt.

It looked as if the president was scolding his appointee. Another man was seen in the room, but his face was not visible.

It is possible that he took the snapshot that is now all over the internet, as the man was seen holding a camera.

Lungu and Katambo have become the butt of jokes across the continent, as Fikile Mbalula, South African minister of sports, taunted them on Twitter.

“Zambia’s president holding discussions with his livestock minister. No seat for him, not even kneeling,” Mbalula wrote.

Lungu appointed Katambo, a former lawmaker, in September.