(Photo) Alfa Paid Me N500 To Lure 3-Year-Old To His Death – 15-Year-Old Suspect

Emotions ran high, yesterday, at White Sands area of Isheri-Osun, Lagos,
following a startling revelation by a teenager of how he lured a
three-year-old child to a Muslim cleric, popularly called Alfa, who then
killed him.

The 15-year-old suspect, a primary six pupil, stated that the cleric,
Kazeem Alimson, paid him N500 to lure the victim to a designated point,
from where she was taken away to be killed.

 Vanguard gathered that the victim’s mother, Chinasa Okereke, was
bathing her children outside her compound on Akogun Street, Tuesday
night, but went inside to get a wrapper with which to strap her youngest
child on her back so she can attend to others.
But apprehension set it when Okereke came out only
to discover that her child was nowhere to be found.  According to the
devastated mother, who spoke with Vanguard during a visit to her house

“when I asked where he was, his sister said he went into one of our
neighbour’s apartment. But on getting to the apartment, he was not
there. I was informed that he went out with my neighbour’s nephew. “But
when he came back home, he said he did not know anything about my son’s
whereabouts. He admitted to have seen him earlier, but said that he only
saw him walking towards the opposite direction.”

 A search around the vicinity was organised, but the boy was not found.

 Policemen from the Isheri-Osun Division, who were contacted the next
day (Wednesday) stormed the area and effected the teenager’s arrest, his
guardians and other occupants of the building. During interrogation, he
opened up, revealing how he took the missing child to Alfa Alimson,
thereby leading to the latter’s arrest.

He then led policemen to an uncompleted building within the area, where
the remains of the missing boy was found— gagged, with his limbs bound.

Explaining how the act was carried out, the teenager who hails from Abia State, said:

“This man (pointing to Alfa) told me to bring the boy. That night, he
gave me N500 and was waiting for us. “I took the child to him and he
drove to the uncompleted building. When we got to the site, he covered
the boy’s mouth with a red cloth, tied him up and started saying some
Juju language (incarnations). Later, he hit the child’s head three times
with a stone. “He warned me not to tell anybody. He said if I do, he
will kill me. He showed me a juju knife, with which he said he would
butcher me if I revealed what happened to anybody. “That was why I told
everybody that I knew nothing about the boy’s disappearance when I came
back home.” 

Denial However, Alfa Alimson denied knowing anything about the boy’s
murder. He simply stated that he did not know what the teenager was
talking about. He said:

“I was sleeping in my house yesterday, when I heard people shouting
outside. When I came out, I saw some policemen around. I demanded to
know why the policemen were there and was informed that a dead child was
found in the uncompleted building. “I went back inside. But 30 minutes
later, police came back and arrested me. I don’t know this boy (the
teenager) and I have never spoken to him.” “You’re lying” But at this
point, the teenager interjected, saying “he is lying. He was giving me
signs not to talk. I saw when he hit the boy with a stone on the head
three times.”

 Residents, who throng the scene, were seen in different groups giving
different accounts of how the act was committed. Two police vans from
Isheri-Osun Division were sighted at the scene, with some policemen led
by the Divisional Police Officer, Emeodi Camillus, a Chief
Superintendent of Police.

Angry residents, who called for jungle justice, were prevented by the
policemen from getting close to the suspects. The suspects were then
driven to the station in one of the police vans, with some inquisitive
residents following on motorbikes and on foot.