O Ye Pastors by Agboola Moyinoluwa

You live in luxury
Members live in penury
You fly on private jet
Members have not eaten yet
You use the best cars
You fly in first class
Some members fly economy
While you travel with convoy on your journey

Why can’t you walk on the street like Jesus?
Is there a secret cutting your liver like scissors?
Why do you go around with escort?
Are these what our Lord Jesus taught?
Some members can’t avoid a bicycle or Volkswagen
While some of you make tithe and offering your profit margin
Some of you lie more than the devil
Just because you want to reach the next level

The true ones are few, they are less than eleven
You don’t even teach us how to get to heaven
I sighed with relief and relax
When churches were told to pay tax
Cos they make more money than many companies
If I’m lying somebody tell me please
All of you attended schools by missionaries
With free notebooks, textbooks and dictionaries

Now, you build universities in the name of the church
Claiming that you have many lives to touch
You demand a very high school tuition
From students of your own institutions
Their fees you are still planning to increase
And I ask myself, why all these?
Schools built from church members sweat
Have become your pot of wealth

The so called schools are full of social vices
Your half baked graduates can’t win national prizes
They end up adding value to unemployment
Yet, you see it as pleasure and enjoyment
Why can’t you establish companies like Dangote
And everybody will hail you Nagode
At Least you will build a labour force
Where you will employ some of us.

Written by Agboola Moyinoluwa
Twitter @dopewrita