Kogi Citizens Write Buhari, Say They Are In Severe Agony

Some citizens of Kogi state, including civil servants and pensioners,
have written a Save Our Soul letter to President Mohammadu Buhari asking
him to to save them from the severe agony they are going through.

The Kogites in an SOS titled ‘Save Our Soul; A Cry Of Agony From The
Army Of Victims Of Maladministration In Kogi State To Your Excellency’
and signed by a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) youth leaders and a
lawyer from the State, Mr Usman Okai Austin, said that it was ‘evident
that the common denominators in Kogi State today are; servitude,
starvation, depression and neglect which was as a results of the over 14
months nonpayment of salaries and pensions to the workers and
pensioners some of whom are dying almost on daily basis arising from
avoidable circumstances’

The SOS further said ‘that all these financial interventions meant to
ameliorate the sufferings of civil servants and pensioners have been
grossly misappropriated and mismanaged’. Thy begged the President to
save them from abject poverty or they will ‘all perish in the hands of
Governor Yahaya Bello and his team of oppressors’ Read the letter


Greetings and best wishes from the army of the oppressed, exploited and
victimized citizens of Kogi State. We wish to sincerely thank Almighty
Allah (SWT) for the speedy recovery He granted you and at the same time
pray that He grants you the strength and wisdom to pilot the affairs of
this great nation to lofty heights.

Your Excellency, we are compelled to bother you at this time that you
just returned to office,bearing in mind the fact that there are other
urgent state matters requiring your attention. However, we consider this
medium as our last life line because of the serious and expedient
nature of our case.

Your Excellency, we presume you mind not have been familiar with our
situation in Kogi State and as such it is appropriate for us to
succinctly explain to you. Kogi our beloved state is undergoing tough
trial and awkward avoidable circumstances imposed on us by his
Excellency Governor Yahaya Bello. This may sound unbelievable to you,
but Kogi citizens are in severe agony resulting from the
maladministration of our Governor. The suffering of kogites is evident
from the over 14 months nonpayment of salaries and pensions to the
workers and pensioners some of whom are dying almost on daily basis
arising from avoidable circumstances.

As it is in Kogi State today, the common denominators are; servitude,
starvation, depression and neglect. Your Excellency, you may recall that
the immediate past administration in Kogi state under the leadership of
Governor Idris Wada, applied for fairly over Fifty billion naira (N50,
000,000,000) bailout fund to settle all salaries and pensions arrears
and other related issues.

However, the bailout fund was not released to him. The current
administration of Governor Yahaya Bello was able to access the sum of
twenty billion (N20, 000,000,000) of that sum. In the same vein, several
financial interventions such as Paris Club money refund, refund of the
expenses by the administration of former Governor Idris Ibrahim as well
as the statutory monthly allocations and the improved Internally
Generated Revenue hovering almost a billion naira monthly were all
accessed by the current administration.

Regrettably, all these financial interventions meant to ameliorate the
sufferings of civil servants and pensioners have been grossly
misappropriated and mismanaged by our Governor and his team. Without
iota of exaggeration, as we write this letter to you, the civil servants
and pensioners are owed 14 months of salaries and pensions respectively
and are thereby wallowing in abject poverty.

Currently all the state owns tertiary institutions have been on strike
for months now as well as the medical Doctors in the state are also on
strike due to non payment of salaries. Worrisome is the disturbing fact
that, whenever we tried to protest against this injustice, the Governor
uses the security apparatus to harass and to suppress the hapless
innocent citizens.

In fact, he has also perpetually played the mind-game on us by making us
to understand that he has an intimate rapport with the Presidency and
he is more or less a SACRED COW! Thus, officials at the Federal Level
would not hearken to us no matter how much we cry. Sadly enough, the
media that is supposed to be the veritable avenue to tell you and your
God fearing team about our predicament, has been hijacked by the
Governor’s team . And these heavily financed media aides have completely
dispossessed us of all avenues to be heard.

The Governor’s frequent excuse for this deprivation is that there is an
ongoing screening of the workers and pensioners. This screening which
started on the 22nd of February, 2016 is still ongoing. This has
humiliated, exterminated, exhausted, extorted, deprived and tampered
with the integrity and the wellbeing of Pensioners and Civil servants.

As earlier explained above, civil servants and pensioners meet their on
untimely death almost on daily basis in Kogi State because of this
arranged screening meant to buy time and dodge from the responsibility
of salary payment. We are ready to furnish you with facts of the civil
servants and pensioners’ predicaments of mostly heart attack and strokes
sequel to the nonpayment of their entitlements and which subsequently
culminated to their untimely death. On this matter, many Kogi citizens
believe that the Federal Government had tactically stayed aloof and
refused to monitor/ensure these financial interventions benefit the
Civil servants and Pensioners they were truly meant for.

The reason for this conception is the general opinion that Governor
Yahaya Bello is ‘The Presidency,s Sacred Cow’. Of course, he has openly
boasted about this and there is a recent video clip in which he
unequivocally told the workers to report him (the Governor) to whoever
they so wished adding that he was invincible.