I Wish I Am Bobrisky’s Bae – Pretty Mike

Pretty Mike in a new interview with Saturday Beats talked opened up on his relationship with male barbie, Bobrisky.

When asked if he is the rumored bae of Bobrisky, Pretty Mike replied saying:

“I wish I was Bobrisky’s bae. With the things he is putting out and the
way he is spending and growing, honestly speaking I wish I was his bae. I
keep telling people that which man in our society today would give you
N8m just to play around. If that was me, I wish I had that capacity but I
am not his bae. I am just a friend and I knew him when he started
patronising my club. I figure that since he has been patronising me over
the years, it does not mean I would distance myself from him now
especially as I had known him when he was Idris and not Bobrisky. All of
a sudden that his character is questionable, it does not mean that I
would start running away from him or denying him in public. That is not
the kind of person I am. That is just the way I feel and that is why
sometimes I stand strong with him. He is somebody that I have known over
the years regardless of his sexuality, religion or beliefs,” he said.