How !? SUV Gets Stuck On A 10ft High Roof Confusing Villagers (Photos)

This is the bizarre moment a Honda SUV that was trying to avoid a tricycle ended up on the roof of a 10-foot-tall house in China.

The male driver was stuck in the car for around half an hour until traffic police officers came to his rescue.

The incident occurred today in Taixing City and there were no reported injuries or casualties according to XianDai Daily.

The male driver claimed he was driving at a speed of 37-43 mph (60-70 kph) when a tricycle came out from a small road.

In a bid to avoid crashing into the tricycle, he pressed on the gas pedal by mistake and drove at a high speed.

He then made a sharp right bend to avoid the tricycle and pedestrians, drifting away from the road and stuck on the roof.

The male driver claimed he pressed on the gas pedal by mistake and crashed into the roof

The house is three meters high (9.8 ft) but only half a meter (1.64 ft) higher than the road level