‘Heavily Drunk’ Tonto Dikeh Threaten Churchill With A Gun During Fight – Ghanaian Police

Following Tonto Dikeh’s moving interview where she broke down in tears
while narrating how her enstranged husband Oladuni Churchill physically
and memtally abused her ,a new video has been released telling another
side of the story.

In the new video ,Supt. Joseph Oppong, a Crime Officer at the Madina
Divisional Police read a statement allegedly written by Churchill during
one of their fights in Ghana.

According to the statement ,after one of their fights because she came
and saw his sisters at gis home,she went to a hotel and told Churchill
she was leaving for Nigeria the next day .He agreed … Then about 3am,
neighbours called the police to Churchill’s home after she came with
petrol to burn the house .

 Churchill who was not home at the time got a call from his house boy
that she was destroying things .. The statement claims an enraged Tonto
Dikeh had destroyed $15,000 worth of items and even waved a gun at one
of Churchill’s bodyguards who tried to stop her .

She was angry because sherhe believed he was cheating her.